hi there! we're Ecofonı

We build high-tech tools to spark your climate action

We are a team of professionals and academics from the private sector, experienced in the field of high technology and sustainability, committed to combating climate change and global warming.

Our Goals
For a greener future
"Accelerating the successful transition of businesses to a zero-carbon economy for a greener future"
Sustainability infrastructure
"Creating a global infrastructure that provides end-to-end solutions to businesses' sustainability needs"
Our Team

At Ecofoni, our team is composed of passionate and dedicated professionals with a wide range of expertise. Together, we work towards our mission of making sustainability accessible and impactful. Meet the individuals who drive our vision forward

Atıf Çağatay Kocaarslan
Co-Founder / CEO
Ercan Işık
Co-Founder / CTO
Kerim Yakupağa
Project & Partnership Manager
Hakan Çamur
Sustainability Analyst
Mert Yiğittop
Frontend Developer
Ece Erenler
Project Management Intern

Our Advisory Board comprises accomplished professionals with extensive experience in various fields crucial to our mission. They provide valuable insights, guidance, and strategic direction

Bengü Türk
Business Growth Advisor
Ayşe Pehlivaner
Invesment Management Advisor
Prof. Dr. İlhan Kocaarslan
General Advisor
Gamze Çelikyılmaz
Climate Change Policy Expert
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Börte Köse Mutlu
Water Sustainability Expert
Assis. Prof. Dr. Ebru Acuner
Climate Change Expert
Elif Maçin
Sustainability Expert
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