Smart Carbon Management

Measure, reduce and offset the carbon emissions of your business with Ecofoni's easy-to-use and user-friendly interfaces

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All you need for effective
carbon management in one platform

Full-Scope Accounting
Emissions are calculated and processed in real time according to Scopes 1, 2 and 3
Advanced Analytics
Analyze your emissions with Ecofoni's advanced interfaces
and algorithms
Custom Reports
Take a closer look at your emissions with detailed reporting specific to your business
Target Tracking
Set your business's science-based reduction targets and track your sustainability in real time
Role-Based Access
Involve your teams across departments and manage emissions integrated basis
Quick Ofsetting
Quickly access carbon certificates from within the platform for your decarbonization process
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Technology Infrastructure

Multi functional
decarbonization infrastructure

Empower your business with on-premise environment
Experience unlimited scalability with cloud environment
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Start your Climate Action with
advanced carbon management features

Precise Data Collection

Ecofoni gathers data on your organization's carbon emissions
with precision, ensuring an accurate assessment.

Transparent Reporting

Our platform offers transparent carbon accounting, enabling you
to track emissions across your operations and supply chain.

Precise Data Collection

Ecofoni gathers data on your organization's carbon emissions
with precision, ensuring an accurate assessment.

Real-Time Monitoring

Keep a real-time eye on your carbon footprint with Ecofoni's
tracking capabilities.

Data Analysis

Leverage data-driven insights to pinpoint emission hotspots and areas for

Emission Reduction

Develop strategies to reduce your carbon footprint and meet
sustainability goals.

Engaging Reports

Create compelling sustainability reports to communicate your
eco-friendly initiatives to stakeholders.

Custom Templates

Design reports to showcase your achievements in a format that suits
your brand and audience.

Compliance Ready

Ensure compliance with sustainability reporting standards and
regulations effortlessly.

Data-Backed Insights

Ecofoni's platform provides data-backed suggestions for
decarbonization strategies.

Optimize Resources

Identify cost-effective ways to reduce emissions while optimizing
resource usage.

Strategic Planning

Develop a roadmap for achieving sustainability targets with

Offset Emissions Responsibly

Neutralize your carbon emissions by supporting verified
carbon offset projects.

Environmental Conservation

Contribute to global efforts for environmental conservation
and climate action.

start climate action now

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