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What is Ecofoni?
Ecofoni is a technology company that helps businesses transition to a net zero economy and accelerates corporate decarbonization transformation.
How does the Ecofoni carbon calculator work?
Ecofoni's dynamic carbon accounting engine converts your company activity data into carbon emissions (CO2e) equivalents by combining it with conversion factors, national, international, and local emission factors.
Which GHG emission categories does Ecofoni calculate?
Ecofoni makes rigorous calculations in all scopes. Calculation and reporting operations can be made in 6 categories within the scope of ISO 14064-1 Standard.

1. Direct GHG emissions and removals
2. Indirect GHG emissions from imported energy
3. Indirect GHG emissions from transportation
4. Indirect GHG emissions from products used by organization
5. Indirect GHG emissions associated with the use of products from the organization
6. Indirect GHG emissions from other sources
What is Carbon Accounting?
Carbon accounting is the systematic process of measuring and managing an organization's carbon
emissions and overall environmental impact. It involves tracking and reporting on the greenhouse gasses
(GHGs) emitted as a result of an organization's activities, such as energy consumption, transportation, and
production processes. Carbon accounting helps businesses and institutions understand their carbon
footprint and take strategic actions to reduce their environmental impact, contribute to sustainability goals,
and address climate change.
What companies does Ecofoni serve?
Ecofoni provides corporate carbon measurement, reduction, and offset for businesses of all sizes.
Can I create more than one user or facility in Ecofoni
Yes. More than one user or facility can be added in Ecofoni. You can also create different authorizations and roles for added users.
What is the data behind Ecofoni?
There are multiple datasets we can use to measure your carbon footprint. IPCC, DEFRA, ADEME, EPA, GHG Protocol etc.
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