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Climate Change and ISO 14060 Family

GHG initiatives developed to reduce the negative effects of climate change and ISO 14060 standard family.

Tackling Climate Change

Climate change caused by human activities is viewed as one of the most significant challenges facing the world. It will have continuing impacts on all living things and businesses in the years to come. It is certain that climate change will have significant effects on both natural systems and human societies. For instance, it can have major consequences on the availability of natural resources, economic activities, and human well-being. To respond to this challenge, public and private sectors are developing and implementing international, regional, national, and local initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and facilitate adaptation to climate change. GHG mitigation initiatives rely on the measurement, monitoring, reporting, and verification of GHG emissions or removals. The ISO 14060 family of standards provides guidelines for the quantification, monitoring, reporting, and validation or verification of GHG emissions and removals to support sustainable development through a low-carbon economy and benefit organizations, project proponents, and interested parties worldwide. The ISO 14064-1 2018 Standard outlines the principles and requirements for creating, developing, managing, and reporting organizational-level GHG inventories. Organizations can comply with all ISO 14064-1 requirements, calculate their GHG inventories, and obtain a "GHG Inventory Report" ready for verification using the Ecofoni platform.


Greenhouse gases — Part 1: Specification with guidance at the organization level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals

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